Nude by Nature – A Tale of Perfection

If you have never used any foundation or liner on your face then it is not a thing to be worrying about. Nude by Nature discount code offer a collection of several makeup brands in a single online store, will help you get good quality makeup that will not cause any harm on your skin and your will handle your daily makeup contently like a professional.

I was a random imperfect girl with thick rimmed glasses, wearing teeth braces and carrying an untidy hairstyle at college. All girls use to attract boys and envy all other fellow girls even me with their appealing looks. Every day after college, I used to walk through this park and sometimes I even read after doing my homework under the tree.


Everyone used to come to that park to make new friends but unfortunately I failed to make any. There were also some boys from my college who used to play basketball there, once I had a serious crush on a guy, named Marx. He had a really sober and charming personality. I loved watching him play. He probably did not even know that I existed. Of course, I never had the courage to ask him for friendship and tell him that he is a great basketball player.

People used to ignore me because of my appearance. I always wanted to make friends but nobody wanted to befriend with me. They all used to find me ugly and unattractive. One day, my sister’s friend saw me crying in my room, and I told her everything that I was going through. So she called me over her house to do my makeover. She told me that I was already beautiful and she will use makeup that she bought online from Nude by Nature and will make my best features stand up.

First of all, she applied the liquid foundation all over my face and concealer which she bought from Nude by Nature as they had amazing discounts of your most favorite brand foundations and compacts. Then she used blush, eye liner, and mascara to enhance my features. She also recommended buying all the basics of everyday makeup routine from the store through which I would get all the expensive makeup kits in comparatively less prices.

At the end of the session, she gave me some tips regarding makeup and how less struggle it will take to learn makeup by Nude by Nature. On the other hand, the makeover made me sophisticated and fancy with people praising me, wanting to be my friends at college. And guess what? I told Marx about how well he plays basketball.



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